A decentralized, farm-based system

DenYon Energy is developing a farm-based energy system that utilizes poultry farming waste to provide clean, green energy and valuable by-products.

  • Patent pending gasification technology- leveraging proprietary gasification technology developed by Frontline BioEnergy, the DenYon Energy poultry waste processing system will operate efficiently and effectively for extended periods of time without stoppage, and without releasing harmful emissions into the environment.
  • Farm scale implementation - each unit will process waste from an individual farm and meet a majority of the farm's energy requirements, dramatically reducing purchase of electricity, propane or natural gas. Due to the system's scale, there is no need for the complexities of integrating with the local electric grid to sell excess power or transporting waste from other farms to a central processing location.
  • Integrated, turn-key system - the system will not require complex knowledge, training, or dedicated manpower to operate. Instead, the producer will periodically load an input hopper with the poultry waste as fuel, and the system will manage its own operation to preset parameters, much like cruise control maintains speed on an automobile. Energy generated by the system can be utilized by the farm in a variety of ways depending on farm preference or need.
  • Valuable by-products - in addition to producing energy for the farm's own use, the system will capture the nutrient value of poultry litter while reducing its mass by as much as two thirds to produce biochar, which in itself is known to provide a variety of benefits as a soil additive. Generation of by-products is projected to maintain or increase the nutrient value of litter, while reducing associated transportation costs and facilitating potential improvement in precision of its application.